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DIYProjectOnline.com's Guide to Woodworking

Real Tools of the Trade

Corded Drill

Before you can start any woodworking project you have to get the right tools so you can get the job done right. There are some tools that are way over priced and some that are not reliable and will break down the first time you use it. Whether you are a beginner, or a bit more experience, come see what tools you really need to purchase and what tools that will help you get the job done fast.

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The Breath of Wood: Does Wood Breathe?

It's a good idea that before you start construction of your woodworking project, you should take the time to learn about the material you are using. Wood has many great benefits but the make and composition provides carpenters and woodworkers alike many other problems to contend with.

Ever wondered why your drawers and doors get stuck during the summer time and not during the winter time. You might think it's because of the heat, but in actuality it is....

[ Come See How Wood Breaths ]



Building A Dog House - Is It An Easy Task? 

If you decided to have a dog house for Fido, remember that not every dog owner has the time or skills to design and build a dog house from scratch. Assistance abounds for people who want to build a special home for their pet, but who have one or both of these limitations.

Doing a keyword search on the Internet will reveal many sources for dog house blueprints, or woodworking plans for dog house designs. These special plans can range from simple box-like structures to custom-designed dog mansions that rival the homes of the highest-paid celebrities. Many times, free dog house blueprints are also available to download from the internet, you just have to do some researches.

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Don't Fear, Saftey Equipment is Here!!

Safety GlassesStop. Before you enter your work space, are you sure you are wearing the right protection? Don’t know what type of safety equipment should be worn around certain machinery? We got you covered. Check out this article to find out what safety equipment should be worn at all times and what safety equipment should not.

Safety equipments are an integral and vital element in any work place whether it be indoors or outdoors. One of the most important safety gears that have saved numerous amounts of lives is the….

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Build Your Own Toolbox

Here is an interesting woodworking project for a beginner. Not too difficult or complicated, building yourself a wooden tool box will improve your wood working skills. Follow in the footsteps of carpenters hundreds of years ago and create a wooden tool box with no screws, nails, or fasteners.

[ Come See the Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Wooden Toolbox ]

Start Building Your Tool Box...

Enhance Your Kitchen: The Wooden Bread Tray


Here is a home project that will allow you to enhance the look of your dinner table. A wooden bread tray adds a sense of class and prestige to any home. It is not difficult and can be accomplished within a within a couple hours.

The best part about this tray is that you don’t have to worry about bread crumbs. You just place the bread on the tray, cut, and all the crumbs fall underneath onto the counter for easy clean up. Another great feature of this bread tray is…

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Building a Bird House

Building a bird house can be a relaxing and fun activity for the whole family. Whether you are including the kids or working alone, there are many great ways to build the perfect addition to your backyard sanctuary.
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