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How to Repipe Water Lines in the House

Low water pressure and red water in your home's water lines usually results from several factors. Calcium, manganese, iron and even water utility chemicals can build-up in your pipes over a period of years. The anode rod in your hot water tank gradually deteriorates placing sediment in your water lines also.

If your house is on a concrete slab - fixing water lines can be difficult! If it is above ground, then be thankful. Galvanized pipe, PVC pipe, and copper can be replaced easily - pipe for pipe.

Things You'll Need

  • Determination and Patience
  • Primer and Glue if you are using PVC.
  • Teflon Tape for threaded joints
  • Hacksaw
  • Pipe wrenches
  • Ells or reducer bushings
  • Propane Torch, Flux, and Solder for Copper pipe installation.

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  1. Be sure to connect cold water lines to cold and hot water lines to hot. Your hardware supply store can help you decide whether to replace all lines with plastic or original galvanize.
  2. Be sure that you do not get pipe dope or glue inside lines that go to ice makers.
  3. If you add a plastic fitting in between copper or galvanized pipe, be sure to use two grounding terminals and some ground wire to cross the plastic fitting. Some houses use the in-house plumbing as a ground source.


  • Flush all new lines from an outside faucet to remove glue or pipe dope from lines.
  • Check each pipe connection for leaks or cracks in the pipe or ells.
  • Flushing will also remove excess air from the new lines.


  • Do not use different types of pipes in your house. If you have Galvanized pipes in your house, replace the damaged sections with PVC. Severe corrosion will occur due to galvanic corrosion from the dissimilar metals.
  • Attach lines with metal straps to house sills if necessary. Do not suspend them near electrical wiring or junction boxes.

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