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diy bathroom renovations

Whether your bathroom is large or small, the cost of a full renovation can be staggering. Let’s say you’d like a new sink, vanity or tub and you are thinking of doing it yourself. Maybe you’d like to replace the outdated tile flooring or strip the walls of that tacky 80’s wallpaper. Each of these projects can be done at less cost if you do it yourself. Of course, taking on such a project requires the right tools. DIY bathroom renovations can be time consuming, but much more rewarding than paying a professional. In addition, hiring a contractor can be quite intrusive. Having a stranger in your home for weeks on end can be very annoying. DIY bathroom renovations are the answer to this problem.

DIY bathroom renovations can be simple or they can be very intricate. If you are a beginner then it would be wise to begin with an easier task and then move to the tougher ones later. A very simple DIY bathroom renovation project is the removal of wallpaper. This only requires a few tools and can be done in a day. Another great do it yourself activity is painting your bathroom. This is very easy and only requires a gallon of paint, a couple paint rollers, masking or painters tape, paint trays and an old outfit. You might also need a few small paint brushes for touch ups and for painting along base boards, crown molding and masking tape. Consult a professional at any home improvement store for the proper type of paint and tools to use when doing DIY bathroom renovations. They can help pick your paint color or can custom mix any paint color to match a sample you provide. This activity can be a great first time project.

Yet another great first time activity in the long list of DIY bathroom renovations is the replacement of hanging towel bars. Simply go to any home improvement store and pick out new hardware. Go home and remove your old hardware from the wall. Replace your outdated hardware with the new towel bars or towel hooks you chose at the store and you are well on the way to a brand new bathroom. DIY bathroom renovations do not have to be difficult. There are many easy ways to spice up your bathroom without spending a lot of money or time. DIY bathroom renovations can be done in your spare time at night or on weekends. You can even throw a painting party and invite friends and family to help with your DIY bathroom renovations. This is a great way to make home renovation fun. Whatever you choose, make sure you sit back and enjoy your DIY bathroom renovations and their results. Enjoy your home!

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