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How to Maintain your Car

Automotive Training for Do-It-Yourselfers

Automotive training used to be a more common part of our society. Shop class was a commonly offered elective in high schools nationwide, ensuring that most boys knew their way around a car's engine bay. Additionally, cars relied more on mechanical principles, rather than computerized systems. As a result, when a car broke down, the owner was much more likely to know how to fix it themselves, or at least have a friend or a family member who could fix it for them.

The situation has changed dramatically over the years. Today's cars are much more complex, and their owners are much less likely to have had any automotive training. As a result, dealerships and garages are repairing a higher percentage of cars than ever before, and mechanics' rates have risen in accordance with the increased necessity of their services.

Those who dislike the situation have another option. With a little automotive training, most people can perform more of the routine maintenance on their cars, reducing the expenses associated with car maintenance and allowing them the satisfaction of a job well done...

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How to Change your Oil and Filter

In engines, there is inevitably some exposure of the oil to products of internal combustion, and microscopiccoke particles from black soot accumulate in the oil during operation. The rubbing of metal engine parts inevitably produces some microscopic metallic particles from the wearing of the surfaces. Such particles could circulate in the oil and grind against the part surfaces causing erosion and wear. The oil filter removes many of the particles, but eventually the oil filter gets filled up. The motor oil and especially the additives also undergo thermal and mechanical degradation. For these reasons, the oil and the oil filter need to be periodically replaced. Motor oil is used as a coolant by moving heat away from engine parts, and often provide cleaning and corrsion inhibition functions.

As a DIY mechanic, the first job you must master is the basic oil change...

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TIPS AND TRICKS- You're Kidding Right? Pepper?!?

If you every find yourself stranded, stuck, or bewildered because of a radiator leak; break out your pepper shaker. The composition of pepper makes it the perfect material for this job. Want to know how to stop the leak? Come read this article and see the power of the pepper. 

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Clean Your Air Vents!

Cleaning your vents regularly is one of the least expensive methods to keep your car in good condition. Most people choose to skip this maintenance procedure and are often slapped with large bills. Stop the problem at the source before it creates bigger problems and a smaller wallet.

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pepper mill

How to Properly Change Head Lights

Don’t be left without properly functioning headlights on the road. Lack of light can cause completely avoidable accidents. If the police catch you with one burnt out, you might be headed toward a hefty ticket. Avoid all that with the following do it yourself guide on how to replace your headlights.

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Head Light

Guide to Replacing Blown Fuses

Balde Type Fuse

Glass Style Fuse

Knowing how to replace your fuses can save you the cost of buying new headlights, turn signals, or even your stereo system. Many electrical malfunctions are due to blown fuses. Check out DIYprojectsonline’s guide to properly changing your fuses.

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