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Must have tools – the things you’ve never had a need for

Whether you’re working around the house or out in the garage, having the best tool for the job is important. Do-it-yourself projects are growing in popularity and there are many great tools on the market to help you get the job done. Why hire a professional simply because you don’t have the right hand tools? Having the proper hand tools in your arsenal can be the answer to your needs. The satisfaction you will gain from completing the project on your own will last forever.

Some of the best hand tools for do-it-yourself projects include wrenches, pliers and drive socket sets. The ShopPro Professional 17-Piece ” Drive Socket Set in Metric or SAE can be a lifesaver. Each piece in the set is made from vanadium steel and comes in a durable blow mold case. The ShopPro Professional 19-Piece 3/8” Drive Rachet & Socket Set in Metric or SAE is also a great thing to have around the house. One of the things I use the most around my own house is the ShopPro Professional 45-Piece Stubby Tool Set. This includes a dual head rachet handle, stubby rachet driver, dual function stubby pipe and adjustable wrench and many other features in a great zipable nylon case. All of these durable and functional hand tools should be a featured part of any tool collection.

Of course, where would you be if you didn’t have a multi-purpose wrench set? The ShopPro Professional 11-Piece Combination Wrench Set in Metric or SAE always comes in handy around my house. Whether I am working under the sink or on my child’s bike, the right size wrench is a must have by way of hand tools. In addition to all of the tools above, I also use the ShopPro Professional 4-Piece Pliers Set H.D. with Ergo Safety Handles. The four pliers in this set are always used in my house and the safety handles allow me to never lose my grip. The difference between the ergonomic handles and regular plier handles is noticeable. I prefer these because I’m never left fumbling with metal grips. These pliers are some of the best hand tools on the market.

Another key item in my hand tools collection is a pipe wrench. The ShopPro Professional Wide Mouth DualFunction Wrench is 8 ” long and works like a charm. With a serrated angled jaw and plastic jaw covers, this wrench allows me to replace shower heads or fix my water heater easily. I am not the handiest person, but with these great hand tools I can get the job done easily. Save money by doing projects on your own with the proper hand tools.

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