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Gadgets for the New Year

Cool New Gadgets for Do-It-Yourselfers

Hello Do-It-Yourselfers.  Are you looking for the coolest new gadgets and equipment this year?  Want to be the first on your block with that hot new toy? Well, you just surfed your way to the right place. Check out the products below to see which one will scratch that itch and which one will have your neighbors asking to borrow the second you open it up. 

Can’t find these products online or at the store? No problem, we got you covered.  Just click on the picture and you will be directly linked to our online store.  

The more information you have the better choice you’ll make.  If you’re like most online shoppers, you are hesitant to even purchase a product that isn't tried, tested, and true. Well until someone invents a high intensity stable inverse wormhole that allows you to grab products through your computer screen, use and test them, then send them back through your screen again; we’ve got the next best thing.  Read our reviews of the gadgets to read what our consumer testers thought of the products.

New gadgets and reviews are updated regularly so drop by often to see what new items are in store for you.

Easy Cut

The Ban Buster is a revolutionary new galvanized steel portable campfire unit that can be hooked up to a propane tank.  Because of its protective powder-coated finish, it can withstand the heat that a prolonged campfire generates. When the portable campfire is in operation, it easily generates enough heat to keep your family warm, and to cook your bacon and eggs in the morning!

Ban Buster portable campfire | Buy the Ban Buster

Easy Cut

Emerge Power has provided useful new additions to the Easy Cut ™ safety knife.  Its easy squeeze feature allows the blade to extend and retract so you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself accidentally.  It also comes with a clip on belt/pocket holster and lanyard so it’s safely secured to you and won’t fall on the ground when you’re on your ladder. 

Easy Cut ™ Safety Knife: The Power of the Squeeze

FreeCharge Weza

Do you need to jump start your car or boat but can’t seem to run down anybody for help? How about charging your dead cell phone to make that important call? Well, Emerge Power’s FreeCharge Weza is a brand new portable booster pack that will solve all power concerns in these emergency situations and many others.

| FreeCharge Weza: Time to Put Your Foot Down!! | Buy the Weza |

11 Tools in One

For heavy duty jobs, you need to keep a more sophisticated tool, such as a multi-functional hammer.  There are multiple variations of this tool, but the main idea is that it provides a handyman an alternative tool whenever he is separated from his tool-box and tool-belt.

| Shopro 11-in-1 Hammer: The Multi Tool for Your Multi Life | Buy the 11-in-1 Hammer Tool |

4 in 1 Flashlight

A mechanical flashlight, cell phone charger, radio, and alarm, all in a single unit!

| 4 in 1 Wind Up Flashlight: Never Be without Light Again | Buy the Mechanical Flashlight |

DT 600 Combo

Need to work in the dark? This mechanical flashlight-screwdriver combination is perfect for you!

DT-600: Now You Can Start Screwing with the Lights Off!

G2 Headlite

These hands-free flashlights make working in any low-light condition eaiser. All of our Hat Headlites come with two CR2032 3V lithium batteries.

LED Cap Lights

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