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Car Maintenance

Automotive Training for Do-It-Yourselfers

Automotive training used to be a more common part of our society. Shop class was a commonly offered elective in high schools nationwide, ensuring that most boys knew their way around a car's engine bay. Additionally, cars relied more on mechanical principles, rather than computerized systems. As a result, when a car broke down, the owner was much more likely to know how to fix it themselves, or at least have a friend or a family member who could fix it for them.

The situation has changed dramatically over the years. Today's cars are much more complex, and their owners are much less likely to have had any automotive training. As a result, dealerships and garages are repairing a higher percentage of cars than ever before, and mechanics' rates have risen in accordance with the increased necessity of their services.

Those who dislike the situation have another option. With a little automotive training, most people can perform more of the routine maintenance on their cars, reducing the expenses associated with car maintenance and allowing them the satisfaction of a job well done...

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House & Home

Furniture Assembly

Purchasing ready-to-assemble furniture can be more economical than buying it already assembled.  In addition, the satisfaction of seeing your completed piece is well worth the time and effort that is put into assembling furniture. Below we will discuss...

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Changing A Lock

One of the most likely times you think about changing a lock is at the time you move into a new place.  Changing a lock at this times makes sense in the added security it will provide you and your family.  Other times you may think of changing a lock....

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Build Your Own Toolbox

Here is an interesting woodworking project for a beginner. Not too difficult or complicated, building yourself a wooden tool box will improve your wood working skills. Follow in the footsteps of carpenters hundreds of years ago and create a wooden tool box with no screws, nails, or fasteners.

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Cool Gadgets

Introducing the Ban Buster- a portable campfire you can take with you!

I love campfires. But for obvious reasons, you can’t light a campfire just anywhere! Sometimes, the conditions are too dry. Other times, there is just no dry wood nearby. Yet other times, you may not have the time. Wouldn’t you like to bring the campfire with you, wherever you go?

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